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Each of the products and services GCLS offers are detailed below.

Request a free 1-hour phone consult   Request a free 1-hour phone consult

GCLS is a B2B (Business-to-Business) company. Most of our corporate topics revolve around employee development, such as:

  • Corporate Compliance,
  • Labor and Sexual Harassment Laws,
  • Cultural Diversity,
  • Workplace Ethics,
  • Conflict Resolution,
  • HR New Hire Orientation and Benefits Training,
  • and Customer Service Skills (i.e. Dealing with Difficult Customers)


e-Learning Module Design from GC Learning Services


e-Learning Module Design and Development

Modules can be placed online, such as your organization’s Intranet site, and users can view training  presentations at their own pace, which is made simple with stop, pause, play and fast forward navigation buttons located at the bottom of each window. All demos and tutorials include music, audio narration, animation, transitions, and more, and come in the form of various formats such as .swf or html.


  • SME Interviewing/Research
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Storyboards
  • e-Learning development. Software Options: Captivate, Lectora, TurboDemo, & more!

Item Number: GCLS-003

Training Materials from GC Learning ServicesORDER NOW

Training Materials (including PowerPoint Presentations)

Includes User Guides, PowerPoint presentations, Technical Manuals, Workbooks or Job Aids. Workbooks generally accompany Blended Learning Solutions.

Training materials by GCLS are colorful, creative and user-friendly. Choose from a variety of styles. Sections such as Learning Objectives, Summaries, and Learning Activities can be included in your guide. They also include color screenshots of pages within the software application with step-by-step instructions for common tasks, technical diagrams, flow charts, table of contents, an index and glossary.  See Portfolio section for samples.

Prices vary by number of pages, complexity of topic, soft skills or software content, etc.

Item Number: GCLS-004

Course Development from GC Learning Services


Course Development

GCLS can provide a custom course for your organization that includes all the Instructor Led Training (or ILT) materials you will need.  Optional inserts include quizzes, exercises and course evaluations.

Course/Workshop Development

  • Facilitator Guide
  • Participant Guide
  • PowerPoint Presentation

Item Number: GCLS-002

Analsis and Consulting from GC Learning Services


Training Needs Analysis or e-Learning Consulting

If you require Consulting services to analyze your current training solution, this service includes questionnaires, interviews, an analysis and recommendation report and even updating of your existing (hardcopy) content. (Max: 100 pages or 50 slides - for additional content, project hours billed at hourly rate)

In addition, if you are unsure if an e-Learning solution is right for you, or perhaps are ready to launch an e-Learning program in-house, but not sure how, you can book GC to complete an e-Learning analysis, provide an e-Learning Workshop Webinar to your staff and make the necessary recommendations to help you succeed.

Item Number: GCLS-006

Webinars from GC Learning Services



GCLS always provides high quality and high value training, as evident in the high student evaluation ratings conducted at the end of each course. Live Webinars allow for polling, PowerPoint presentations, surveys, chat, attachments and whiteboard notes area.

Topics include:

  • Project Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Technical Writing
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Anger and Conflict Management
  • Business Coaching

Item Number: GCLS-001

Laminated Reference Cards from GC Learning Services


Reference Cards/Job Aides

Quick Reference cards, also known as job aides, are a brief one-page summary of common tasks that users can refer to frequently when “how to” questions arise. Under each reference topic the steps to complete each task will be listed. Prices vary by number of pages and if screen captures are required. All cards come in color and are laminated.

Item Number: GCLS-005